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The Block Button Is Good

There has been a proliferation of people on social media platforms who take great pleasure in causing maximal outrage and offense to other users of those platforms. They don't actually think those things, what they do is enjoy everyone else's reactions to the vile things they say. These are called "edgyboys".

There is though a simple solution to the edgyboy problem, it's called the "block button". Once pressed, the edgyboy ceases to be present in your existence and you can continue enjoying your existence without them impinging upon your existence. You're then much happier, and the edgyboy can continue being free to be offensive to other people without coming to any visible harm.

Edgyboys though, as well as their very strange defenders, like to bemoan those who correctly and appropriately use the block button. They say that blocking people shows you're afraid of what they have to say. You're suppressing their free speech, and you’re a coward.

Except this is false, I take the garbage out not because I fear it, but because it’s disgusting and I don’t want it near me anymore. Also the block button is far less drastic than what you'd do in real life to such edgyboys

Think about a possible scenario in real life where you might encounter someone being extremely obnoxious and vile. Imagine you’re in a bar having a drink with your girlfriend, and some dude next to you in the bar is saying all sorts of absurd and offensive things, I dunno what he's saying, maybe he's saying the earth is flat and only 200 years old, the moon doesn't exist, Brexit is when Canada leaves the EU and your girlfriend would make an excellent sex slave in his sex dungeon giving birth to his army of babies. Would you sit there being polite listening to this vile rubbish and trying to reason with them about concepts like basic geometry, reality, bodily autonomy and how to be a decent human being?

Of course not! You'd inflict some extremely gory act of violence on this individual, and everyone would cheer! Or you'd ignore them, go to a different bar, or something else that's not engaging with them, depending how mature or prone to violence you were, your immigration and employment status and other such things that might make extreme violence more of a bad idea than it usually is.

You see, blocking someone is far less drastic than what normal people would do in real life to edgyboys. It causes them far less physical harm, and unlike in real life, the edgyboy doesn’t get banned from the entire platform, as they would if they said this in a bar and disgusted enough customers. As you can see, blocking is the most mature thing you can do, which causes the least amount of harm to anyone, and the highest amount of comfort for the most people.

So yes, block vile people, and block them often. Stop pretending you have to listen to their vile faux opinions that they only say to get a rise out of offending people. You don't have to listen to any of this, so don't do it. Stop contributing to these people's audiences. Also pretty soon you'll discover that social media platforms are far nicer places. Minus the edgyboys, you'll encounter people with diverse, but genuine opinions you'll be able to have pleasant mutually respectful conversations with.

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