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How To Refuse Vegetables

People who refuse to be vaccinated are basically like children who refuse to eat their vegetables. Like vegetables, vaccines are good for you, and you'll be healthier if you have your vaccinations, just like you'll be healthier if you eat your vegetables.

Of course some people are children who inhabit adult bodies and make up silly reasons why they shouldn't take their vaccines, with faux concerns about stuff that is irrelevant to the vaccine safety.

No, the vaccine is not going to make you infertile. I don't know enough to explain to you why not, but I know enough about protein chemistry and bioinformatics to know that people who know about reproductive immunology saying that this is not going to happen means it's not going to happen. It's called humility and recognizing the limits of my knowledge and when other people know more than me.

Anyway, for the chilren out there who don't want to eat their vegetables, this is a nice tool to help you make up reasons. Enjoy.

"I don't want to eat my green onions until it's been tested for whether it causes my hair to turn yellow."

- A Child

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